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How it works!

I post three options each week. I will need your order by the due date posted below, so I am able to properly shop and cook!


Below you will find the current menu choices and along side is the order form! Please fill out your information and specify the quantity of each option you would like, along with the portion size. I will send an invoice after you place an order!


If you have a special request or any modifications to a meal, please leave that with your order message.

I am happy to accommodate your needs!


Pick up is in O'Fallon, MO!

Thank you,


Meal Portion Options

Low carb: 20-30g protein, ~20g carb & ~10g fat



Regular: 35-40g protein, 35-50g carb & 10g fat 



High protein: ~50g protein, 10-20g fat & can be made low carb, regular carb or high carb, which would be about 70-80g carb 


Meals will be ready 2/10

Please Order by 2/5

Hot Chicken Bowl - ground chicken cooked in a flavorful "Nashville style" hot chicken sauce served over jasmine rice and coleslaw with pickles

Egg Roll in a Bowl – ground turkey cooked in yummy garlic-ginger flavors that resemble that of an “egg roll”, tossed with shredded carrots and cabbage served over rice

Mexi Mac n Cheese – creamy mac n cheese with ground turkey, full of flavor with veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes and green chilies 

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Thank you for your order!

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